If you are passionate about project management or you deeply feel that project management could be your thing to do, then you should be welcomed in a global movement of new project managers.

IPMA Young Crew Latvia is a part of IPMA Young Crew global PM movement. We are gathering people aged 18 – 35, who are heavily interested in the professional side of PM.


Branch of LNPVA

IPMA Young Crew Latvia is a small, but very active part of Latvian National Project Management Association (LNPVA). Members of  LNPVA aged between 18 and 35 are welcomed to participate in Young Crew.



Part of the IPMA Young Crew

We are also a part of the global movement for new project managers – IPMA Young Crew. We get all the newest information about project management issues, events and news happening worldwide, as well as take active part in organizing them. Together with our global colleagues we make sure that project management culture heads the right direction.

Why Young Crew?

If you are an active Young Crew member, you get the following:

  • Access to the newest information about project management
  • Career opportunities in project management
  • Possibility to take part in our events
  • Opportunity to be in a unique project management network
  • Kind of a hanging out with those of similar interests

Check out our activity in 2013 / 2014



Chairman of the Young Crew Latvia – Oskars Geide

Starting as a member of Young Crew Latvia back in 2015, on 23rd September 2016 he was voted in as the Chairman of the YC Latvia.

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